Monday, April 11, 2016

Credo 5:
A Leader Leads by Example

Credo #6: A Leader Takes Responsibility

Continuing the Credo for 21st Century Management from Liquid Leadership:

5th Law:
A Liquid Leader Leads by Example

On February 26, 2009, every Starbucks nationwide closed for emergency retraining. Why? Because founder Howard Schultz had ordered it. He’d taken a leave of absence, but upon hearing of slipping sales and a rumor that the company’s baristas weren’t making a decent latte anymore, he not only returned to action but also quickly implemented an emergency retraining program.

And here’s the key point: Schultz didn’t send out a mandate on a memo pad for someone else to implement. He came out of his sabbatical, got personally involved, then got his managers involved, and finally, in the most dramatic way possible, got every single store involved. That’s what Liquid Leadership is about—leading by example. No matter where you fit in an organization, your example is what builds your reputation, your career, and the future of your company.

Leadership in any organization needs to be admired and respected for its success. People secretly sabotage organizations where the leadership isn’t admired; through either cynicism or stealing, the mutually disgruntled will find followers within their own work groups. This energy interferes with success. Leading by example sets a more positive tone.

This has always been a touchstone of good leadership, but it’s especially true today. Something remarkable took place over the past twenty-five years: People stopped worshipping the companies they work for and began instead to see themselves as value added to the bottom line, partners in success. Today’s workforce has amazingly high self-esteem and won’t look up to you just because you’ve “earned” the corner office.

And how do you treat a partner? With respect. You can no longer bark orders from the sidelines, expecting employees to jump and obey. Nor can you stay in total isolation, ignoring their needs. Today’s workforce wants their leadership approachable and real.

The only way to engage with your organization is to enroll your people in your vision and then live that vision. In the minds of the people who work for your org, they are the company.

Hubris is out; stewardship and integrity are in.
And please, don’t fake it.

People can smell BS a mile away, and they will run from it. Where cowards blame others for their mistakes, a Liquid Leader is the first to take blame and the last to take credit. Without people to lead, you stand alone.

And do yourself a favor: Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t work either. Being respected is what you want to work on. Believe me, I’ve tried both methods and at the end of the day, people respect those whom they admire.

Time to set the tone...

Brad Szollose

Global Management Consultant

Millennial Expert, Cross Generational Leadership Development & Workforce Performance Strategies, Executive Coach

Brad Szollose (pronounced zolis), is a globally recognized Management Consultant and the foremost authority on Millennials and Cross-Generational Leadership Development Strategies.

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