Sunday, May 20, 2018

Confessions from
The Road

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By Guest Blogger and Business Partner Tony Rubleski of The MindCapture Group.

Of late, I’ve been living out of hotel rooms, airplanes and rental cars even more than usual. I’m not complaining, as my forthcoming new book, Trailblazers, releasing on 9/4/18 (Morgan James Publishing) and the message of leadership, has been striking a positive chord with many diverse groups and meeting planners.

Having just got off the road after an intense week of travel and two speaking dates mixed in, I wanted to share with you three confessions from the road:

#1: It’s not always easy being on the road as I miss quite a bit of time away from my family and friends. 

However, once we get to the location and set up, the amazing people and groups I’ve been fortunate to meet and work with, make it worth it.

#2: You must possess a great amount of patience. 

I’ve had to learn how to deal with changing conditions and many things that are not directly within my control when I’m criss-crossing time zones, cities, and working with lots of new people. I’m again reminded that I love teaching others, so travel and going to meet them at their events is what I signed up for 13+ years ago when I started the company.

#3: People are hungry to learn and improve themselves. 

Many of the events have seen great turnouts. Now, this isn’t all due to me, but it certainly demonstrates that the message I share is striking a positive chord with attendees. For that, I am again both blessed and grateful.

So, as we get ready to dive into the new week ahead, a quick shout out to the two great cities I was fortunate to work and speak in the last couple of weeks and the city I speak at this week on Tuesday:

Thank You Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Thank You Kalamazoo, Michigan

Today we fly again…next stop?

Hello, Las Vegas~!

See you soon,


Tony Rubleski is the bestselling creator of the Mind Capture book series. He is also an in-demand keynote speaker, strategic business coach, and global event promoter.  His work has been featured in various media outlets ranging from Bottom Line Magazine, The Detroit Free Press, the FOX TV network, ABC, to CNN Radio, NPR and Entrepreneur Magazine Radio. He’s a 1994 graduate of Western Michigan University with a degree in marketing and has also been a faculty member and instructor with the U.S Chamber of Commerce (IOM) and CEO Space International. His core expertise and message is designed to help people ‘Capture’ more minds and profits.

As editor and creator of A Captured Mind newsletter he has interviewed some of the highest paid direct marketing, Internet, success and sales minds in the world including Seth Godin, Jay Abraham, Dr. Ivan Misner, Darren Hardy (SUCCESS Magazine), Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Dan Kennedy, Jeffrey Gitomer, Joel Comm, Sally Hogshead, Sharon Lechter and Larry Winget.

A highly sought after speaker and agent of change, his live seminars and keynote talks continue to receive rave reviews from meeting planners coast to coast. He’s shared the stage with such business notables as Les Brown, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber, Jeffrey Gitomer, and Bob Burg to Olympic gold medalist Dan Jansen, and various celebrities including TV’s John Walsh, Mick Fleetwood, and many others.  He’s presented to hundreds of audiences including some of the biggest chambers of commerce in North America, association events in the U.S. and at private events with a price tag of $2500.00+ per attendee.

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Thanks Tony and Thank You my Friends for following our work,


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