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Brad Szollose's TEDx Talk  |  Tarrytown, NY 2016

The Age of Radical Disruption

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Want to Understand Today's Workforce? 

Pssst...It’s WAY Beyond Millennials.


We’re here to help smart companies understand The 21st Century Workforce Culture…and Customer.


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What happened? Over the past 35 years, unbeknownst to most Baby Boomers, a new generation was trained in 21st Century business strategies… BEFORE they could read, write and in some cases, speak! Giving them the skill set to compete in the Digital Age. Three MAJOR influences have changed the behavior of anyone under 39 years of age, leaving us with what appears to be a generational divide. It is not. It's about training.

Time to awaken to the 21st Century.
Whether it’s Managing People in today’s work environment, or Selling to Multitaskers, the Information Age requires a leader to be more. A leader who understands how to inspire the best in people. Managing, marketing, sales and mentorship has become more like Jazz. And Jazz has different rules.

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