Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Want to make sure your donations actually get to Haiti?

It is Best to Give at Yele

Over the years, my wife and I have endorsed Wyclef Jean's efforts to help Haiti. In case you don't know, Grammy Award winner Wyclef Jean is the island's native son, ambassador and a proud shining beacon to a people who appear to have been forgotten over the years. Until now...
Last week's devastating earthquake was so powerful it destroyed well-built structures like the Holiday Inn and their nation's palace. I urge those of you who do not trust the big charities to send money to...
Long story short I trust Wyclef above all others to help the people of Haiti. Despite the sudden controversy behind Yele and Wyclef, I am still endorsing his Haitian Relief Efforts. Why? Because when faced with saving your family, you would do everything to help, right?

Wyclef has been working for years before the earthquake to save his family...the people of Haiti. When 60 Minutes interviewed him last year I was moved by his ability to bring entire groups together...groups that have fought for years. People may not listen to the president, but they listen to Wyclef Jean. He gets involved with the people on the front lines.

So when controversy arises, especially over money, you have to ask yourself why is this being brought into the limelight NOW? And for what purpose? And who benefits most from this news?

Yele is on the front lines first. I prefer to give to a charity that gets my money to the front lines as quickly as possible instead of lost in a bunch of bureaucracy. 

The very best to the people of Haiti. Our hearts are with you...and although we cry today, this moment in time shall pass and we will laugh together again. Someday soon. I promise.

Brad Szollose