Testimonials on Brad Szollose's
Workshops and Keynotes.

“Hearing Brad speak and then reading his book blew my mind. Here I am thinking my way is better than theirs (the 20-somethings) and it’s a matter of time before they wake up, smell the coffee and get on my program… but what I didn’t realize is there’s been a paradigm shift like you wouldn’t believe and I’m the one who needs to wake up.

Best presentation I’ve heard in ages… it literally changed the way I think.”

Andrew Stein

Founding Partner/Principal

Vicus Partners

“Dear Brad,
I am writing to thank you for your recent presentation at Medmarc’s annual broker meeting in Las Vegas. Your observations about generational behavioral styles and related values were enlightening and timely.
As you probably observed by looking at the meeting attendees, the insurance industry is “graying” and we need to attract and retain more Generation X, Y and Millennials to remain vibrant and relevant to our customers. Armed with a better understanding of how these groups think and what motivates them, we are far more likely to be successful.

Your observations and your book are invaluable to that understanding.

Thank you again for your contribution to our meeting…”

Mary Todd Peterson
President and CEO
Medmarc Insurance Group

“I thought I was becoming a crotchety old man before I saw Brad Szollose speak because I thought Gen Y people were crazy.

Now, with [Brad’s] coaching and help, I understand better how they think, and why they think and act the way they do. If you have to deal with Gen Y’ers in your work or home, Brad can help you get the best of their skills and talents and give you peace of mind.”

Tom “Too Tall” Cunningham
Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor
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Brad Szollose’s Liquid Leadership is enlightening! Managing in today’s environment is not about clinging to a cookbook of best practices, but about developing an environment that drives consistent innovation and change. Brad nails it!”
Vince Poscente
New York Times bestselling author
The Age of Speed

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