Friday, January 23, 2015

Will Millennials Destroy Business as We Know It?

In my unrelenting pursuit of educating ALL generations on the behavioral differences affecting us, Baby Boomers MUST figure out a way to train and prepare Millennials for Leadership.

WHY you may ask? Well, by 2020 Millennials are predicted to make up 65% of the workforce. And THAT ladies and gentlemen is only 5 years away.


And I ask again: Will Millennials Be Destroying Business As We Know It?
So, sit back at your desk, get a cup of coffee, or just enjoy your lunch and listen in as I chat with a rare, and incredibly dynamic Millennial named Jordan Harbinger. He is the co-founder of Art of Charm. And guess what AOC does? They train Millennials in romance, business and over all life-style and career choices...because Generation Y, Gamers, Digital Natives, whatever you have labeled them, have not been taught these things. And BTW: AOC has one heck of a podcast.

So again, sit back and enjoy: Bridging Generational Gaps: Episode 370:

Jordan is an incredible interviewer...he challenged me and joined in with his own stories. Enjoy.

Or you can listen in on iTunes:
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Brad Szollose: Liquid Leadership and Bridging The Generational Divide
Episode 370:

Thank you and let Art of Charm know how much you enjoyed the podcast.

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