Friday, October 26, 2012

Join Me TODAY for a LIVE Webinar Celebrating Napoleon Hill's Birthday!!!

To All Friends of Liquid Leadership,

Brad Szollose here with a special invitation. During your lunch hour today, Friday, October 26th, how would you like to learn some of the same techniques that, legendary auto magnate, Henry Ford used to overcome poverty, illiteracy and ignorance to become one of the richest men in America? The SAME techniques that helped Thomas A. Edison become one of the most successful and famous inventors of all time! The same techniques used by the TOP business leaders of today!

Please join me for a special webinar titled: How to Mastermind and Grow Rich, Friday, October 26th, 2012 at 12:00 Eastern Time.

There is no charge to attend this special training webinar. 

Napoleon Hill super-fan, Tony Rubleski and I will share the power of Hill’s wisdom regarding the Mastermind Principle as well as new, updated, techniques that can help you form Powerful Mastermind Groups and “friendly alliances” that can transform your personal and professional development to a new level of achievement, success, and financial competency.

In this exciting and informative training, we will:

1. Define and share the many benefits of a Mastermind Group
2. Share exactly (From our OWN experiences) how to properly find OR create your own Mastermind Group
3. Share the The Three “R’s” that the most SUCCESSFUL Groups have in common
4. A little known technique that can TURBOCHARGE your own mastermind sessions
5. Stories and insights that will ignite your own business success

....AND there will be plenty of free bonuses for those who attend the webinar.

In addition, Tony and I will share exciting new developments and details about the upcoming Think and Grow Rich Summit 2013.

To register for our webinar go to and enter your name and email address and your biggest question about How to Mastermind.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

I look forward to having you the webinar!

Yours in success,

Brad Szollose

Web Pioneer Brad Szollose is the *award-winning author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia which explores the subject of new leadership styles – mainly how to get the tech-savvy Generation Y and analogue driven Baby Boomers working together. ISBN-13: 978-1608320554

But this is not based on management theory:
Brad is a former C-Level Internet executive who went from entrepreneur to IPO in 3 yrs – co-founding K2 Design, the very first Dot Com Agency to go public on NASDAQ. His Results Only management model was applied to the first wave of Gen Y workers producing great results– 425% profitable growth for 5 straight years and winning K2 the Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation among his employees!

Today, through his workshops and keynotes, Brad helps Fortune 500 Companies close the Digital Divide by understanding it as a cultural divide—created by a new tech-savvy worker...and customer.

Mr. Szollose also writes a monthly column on business and marketing techniques that reach Generation Y for A Captured Mind newsletter and is part of The Mind Capture Group faculty.

* 2011 Axiom Business Book silver medal winner in the leadership

* #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author

"I just had my mind blown..." - A.S., Vistage, New York

Liquid Leadership by Brad Szollose is available at all major bookstores and for Kindle, Nook, iPad and Sony ereaders. Internationally published in India and S. Korea.

Leadership Lessons from a Web Pioneer.

The Art & Science of
Leading a 21st Century Workforce

Brad Szollose's (pronounced zol-us), is a globally recognized Leadership Development and Management Consultant who helps organizations dominate their industry by tapping into the treasure of a multi-generational workforce. 

He shares his management strategies within the pages of his award-winning, international bestseller Liquid Leadership...strategies that ignited his own company, K2 Design, beginning as a business idea in a coffee shop to a publicly traded company worth $26 Million in just 24 short months with an IPO on NASDAQ.

As a C-Level executive, his unique management model was awarded the Arthur Andersen NY Enterprise Award for Best Practices in Fostering Innovation Amongst Employees (the phrase Workforce Culture did not exist back then).

Today the world’s leading business publications seek out Brad’s insights on Millennials, and he has been featured in Forbes, Inc., The Huffington Post, New York Magazine, Advertising Age, The International Business Times, Le Journal du Dimanche and The Hindu Business Line to name a few, along with television, radio and podcast appearances on CBS and other media outlets.

Since the year 2010, and the release of his award-winning international bestseller, Liquid Leadership, Brad has created customized training programs for The American Management Association, Tony Robbins Business Mastery Graduates and Liquidnet Holdings, as well as several dozen Fortune 500 companies to name just a few; preparing them for the next generation of business leaders.

Mr. Szollose is also a TEDXSpeaker, and his talk The Age of Radical Disruption, focuses on the impact video games and serious gaming has had on the work habits and behavior of Generation X & Millennials.

Brad’s programs have transformed a new generation of business leaders, helping them maximize their corporate culture, creativity, innovation, productivity and sales growth in the new Digital Age economy.

Brad's work will expose the secrets to managing a cross-generational workforce:

Brad is the author of Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia: Cross-Generational Management Strategies That Are Changing The Way We Run Things and the publisher for Journeys to Success: The Millennial Edition: 21 Millennial Authors share their personal journeys of failure and success…based on the success principles of Napoleon Hill.